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Pentatonix marks major milestone with a cappella Justin Timberlake cover

(CBS News) To celebrate an online musical milestone of hitting 1 million YouTube subscribers, Pentatonix has released an a cappella cover of a certain singer/actor/celebrity/icon well-known for bringing "sexy back." (I still contest I came in at least a close second.) Watch them perform "Pusher Love Girl" employing their amazing vocal medium in the music video above.

The completely live rendition of Justin Timberlake's hit song (with no auto-tune or overdubbing done) just reinforces why they've hit this milestone and continue to be total "a cappella rockstars." Congratulations to Pentatonix on hitting over 1 million subscribers, and a big triple-rainbow salute of musical excellence goes out to them for this latest from all of us here at The Feed! And if you'd like to help them hit 2 million or check out more great music from Pentatonixbe sure to see our previous posts on them by clicking here or you can go to their YouTube page by clicking here.