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Pentagon probing behavior of U.S. personnel during Trump Asia trip

The Pentagon says it is aware of and is investigating an "incident" involving U.S. military personnel during President Trump's recent trip to Asia, a spokesperson tells CBS News.

Laura Seal was responding to questions about a Washington Post report that three members of the military "have been reassigned from their White House jobs amid allegations that they had improper contact with foreign women" on the trip. The Post cites "officials familiar with the situation."

According to the newspaper, the three were with the White House Communications Agency, described by the Post as "a specialized military unit that helps provide the president, vice president, Secret Service and other officials with secure communications."

"The military is scrutinizing three Army noncommissioned officers who allegedly broke curfew during Trump's trip to Vietnam this month," the Post cites officials as saying.

If found to have acted improperly, the Post says, the service members could lose their security clearances or "be subject to administrative discipline or courts-martial."

Vietnam was one nation Mr. Trump visited during his 12-day Asia trip.

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