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Man hurling racial slurs on video faces consequences

A Pennsylvania land management company announced that it fired one of its workers after he was caught on video hurling racial slurs at a black cameraman outside Pittsburgh.

The man, who is white, confronted a small group of anti-fracking protesters outside an energy company in Mars, Pennsylvania.

"Have you actually done something with your life?" the man said to the group, which included white men and women. "Have you had any kind of a job?"

He then gestured to the cameraman, calling him a "chimp" and the n-word before looking into the camera and making gorilla sounds.

"You ain't going to get no f------ job with a mop on your head," the man said to the cameraman. "How about you cut that off?"

The protesters repeatedly told the man to leave.

The cameraman, Tom Jefferson, posted the video of the encounter to YouTube on Sunday. (Warning: The video contains graphic language.)

On Tuesday, the man's employer, MMC Land Management, said in a statement on its Facebook page that the man had been fired and that the company wouldn't do business with him again.

Today, we were disgusted to learn that one of MMC’s former employees used racial slurs and made racially charged...

Posted by MMC Land Management on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The company didn't identify the employee, but multiple news outlets identified him as John Pisone.