PC Insurance Policy: Create a Windows System Repair Disc

Last Updated Nov 4, 2009 9:25 PM EST

If you ever find that some cataclysmic error prevents your Windows 7 computer from booting, you might be able to easily recover from catastrophe -- but only if you take the precaution of making a Windows 7 System Repair Disc in advance.

Most versions of Windows 7 have the ability to create a System Repair Disc that boots into a simplified repair environment. There, you can use System Restore to return your PC to an earlier restore point, or you can run a number of repair and diagnostic tools.

But to reiterate: If you wait until you have a problem, it's too late. Make a System Repair Disc today.

It's simple -- click Start and then type "repair" in the search box. Then click Create a System Repair Disc. Insert a recordable CD or DVD and create a disc. Label it and put it somewhere safe, in case you ever need it.

And don't panic. Most problems are surprisingly easy to solve -- check out Rick's Three Was to Deal with Sudden Computer Glitches.