Paul Ryan promises no government shutdown this year

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., walks from a Republican caucus meeting at the Capitol in Washington August 1, 2014.

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., called the 2013 government shutdown a "suicide mission" for the House GOP but pledged that won't happen again this September when funding for the federal government expires once again.

"We will pass a clean [continuing resolution], and if for some reason the Democrats don't take that, then they will clearly have shut the government down," Ryan said in an interview with CQ Roll Call as part of a tour to promote his new book. "It will be patently obvious ... that they are playing politics with this, and trying to trigger a shutdown so they can blame us, but we're really blameless in this particular situation."

He predicted the spending bill would go through Dec. 11, just long enough to avoid a major political fight before the elections and save the real battle for the lame-duck Congress that returns before any seats officially change hands.

In his book, Ryan reflected on his frustration with his colleagues agitating for the shutdown, writing, "This can't be the full measure of our party and our movement...If it is, we're dead and the country is lost."

Republicans took an especially hard hit in the polls during the last shutdown. More Americans blamed the GOP for the shutdown and congressional Republicans' disapproval rating rose following the shutdown, according to a CBS News poll.

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