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Paul Ryan declares "an attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us"

House reacts to Alexandria shooting
House reacts to Alexandria shooting 13:21

Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday that members of Congress remain united after the shooting at the Republicans' practice for Thursday's congressional baseball game and that "humanity" will prevail.

"We are united. We are united in our shock, we are united in our anguish. An attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us," the Wisconsin Republican said in remarks on the House floor, hours after the shooting that injured House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana.

Ryan said he spoke with two Capitol Police officers -- Crystal Griner and David Bailey -- who were at the scene when the shooting unfolded and who were wounded.

"Without these two heroes, Agent Bailey and Agent Griner, many lives would have been lost," Ryan said.

There are many memories, Ryan said, that lawmakers will want to forget from Wednesday, but he said there was one image in particular that they should remember: Democratic colleagues united in prayer after the shooting.

"We do not shed our humanity when we enter this chamber. For all the noise and fury, we are one family," he said, adding that it is humanity "which will win the day and it always will."

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, spoke immediately after Ryan, calling his remarks "beautiful."

"We are not one caucus or the other in this House today but we speak for each other in saying that we send our thoughts and prayers to our colleague Steve Scalise," she said.

Pelosi mentioned that the Congressional baseball game is still on for Thursday.

"Tomorrow, we'll go into the field, we'll root for our team and we will use this occasion as one that brings us together and not separate us further," she said. 

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