Paul Ryan: Trump believes in "carrot-stick diplomacy" with Russia

House Speaker Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan has called Russia a “global menace led by a man who is menacing.” That’s a very different tone than President-elect Donald Trump, who has taken towards Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

In an interview with “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose Wednesday, Ryan said he isn’t sure what the president’s long-term plan is for dealing with Russia.

“You’re having conversations with him. Wouldn’t you want to say, ‘Tell me what your long term strategy is about Russia?’” Rose asked.

“I think he believes in carrot-stick diplomacy,” Ryan said. “Transactional carrot-stick diplomacy.”

Ryan said he thinks it’s served Mr. Trump – whose presidency he said will be “unconventional” – “extremely well.”

“I think it’s worked very well and he’s made a difference already before he’s gotten in office on this. So I think that that’s nontraditional,” Ryan added.

The speaker of the House said Russia is a “malevolent actor.”

“Does [Mr. Trump] think they’re a malevolent actor?” Rose asked.

“I believe he does,” Ryan said.

“You believe he does?” Rose repeated.

“No, no, no. Absolutely. Yeah, he does. I’ll say he does believe that they’re a malevolent actor. Absolutely,” Ryan said.

“He said reduce the sanctions if in fact they do something, we know not what,” Rose said.

“I can’t speak to what that is. All I’d say is he does know they’re up to no good,” Ryan said. “He does know that they tried to meddle in our elections, and he does know that they do not share our interests.”

Rose also asked the speaker about a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Ryan told Rose he believes they’ll have a plan together in the next couple of weeks.