Palin's PAC encourages setting record straight on emails

Sarah Palin over A collection of e-mails between Sarah and Todd Palin and Alaska public officials
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In the Department of Obvious Next Moves, Sarah Palin's PAC now is encouraging supporters to join forces to go through the 24,000 pages of emails to set the "record straight" and show the "hard working governor" behind the messages.

SarahPAC's site quotes a post from, which started the effort with the following plea:

"The media went crazy thinking they were going to find a smoking gun on Governor Palin by forcing the State of Alaska to release 24,199 pages of email communications during her time in office. They were wrong and have admitted as much. After the media spent so much time and effort, they discovered no "bombshells," which of course they were hoping for all along....
"The media is cherry-picking small excerpts to highlight, but they are leaving the bulk of the 24,199 pages out of their reports. That's where you come in...
"We need to gather links from the email database that prove what kind of leader Governor Palin really is. We need to find the stuff the media doesn't want the public to know about. We want to show the stuff they aren't reporting but is still available online. The media wanted to "expose" what kind of executive Governor Palin was while in office... So, let us oblige them! We need your help collecting and archiving excerpts."

Needless to say, says it encourages the "great idea."

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