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Palin Takes Aim At Northern Maine's Electoral Vote

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(BANGOR, MAINE) - Trailing in the polls, the Republican ticket is hoping to make the election close enough that one electoral vote could make the difference, which explains why Sarah Palin held a rally here this morning.

Like Nebraska, Maine splits its electoral votes. Republicans are hoping that the state's rural 2nd District, with its expansive lakes, dense forests and snowmobiling culture, will be more receptive to Palin's politics than the geographically smaller 1st District, where the population center is around the liberal bastion of Portland.

"I feel like I am at home because I see the Carhartts and the steel-toed boots," Palin told an exuberant crowd at the airport hanger here. "And I see mixed in there with the suits and the ties, the NRA hats and all those good things that remind me of home."

Though she had been focusing less on the historic nature of her candidacy on the trail as of late, Palin brought back one of her signature lines in Maine—a state that is represented by two female Republican senators.

"It's so great to be here in the state that has elected Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, has elected Sen. Olympia Snowe and Sen. Susan Collins," she said. "Maine, you all know something about those cracks in the glass ceiling, but the women of America aren't finished yet. Maine, with your help this November, we are going to shatter once and for all that final glass ceiling."

The Republicans have a lot of work to do to make up ground in more important swing states like Pennsylvania and Florida. But if the election is tight, this morning's visit could very well make the difference.

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