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Pa. woman puts niece, 6, in tight spot... behind the wheel

Rebecca Beatty KDKA

(CBS/KDKAAP) BEAVER, Pa. - Police say a woman told her 6-year-old niece to get behind the wheel of her SUV to back out of a tight parking spot.

So the 6-year-old gave it a go, and... surprise!... she plowed into two other cars in the process.

Maybe six is just too young to drive, waddaya think?

The Beaver County Times reported Wednesday that back in June 55-year-old Rebecca Beatty found another car parked so close that she couldn't get into her own vehicle. She had her niece with her, who she'd just picked up from a dance program at Ambridge Area High School.

Police say that's when she had the brainstorm - let the 6-year-old get into her SUV, and try to back out. The notably underage driver rammed into one parked car, pushing it over a curb until it hit another car parked on the street.

Exactly how many points is that?

For putting her niece behind the wheel, Rebecca Beatty faces trial for child endangerment, according to CBS affiliate KDKA.