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Pa. Bank Robbery Suspect Caught "Red-Handed" Due To Dye

Pa. Robbery Suspect Caught "Red-Handed" Due To Dye
(AP Photo, file)

CHARLEROI, Pa. (CBS/AP) The FBI says a southwestern Pennsylvania bank robbery suspect has been caught "red-handed."

Fifty-year-old Kurt Fritzel, of Charleroi, is in jail after police and the FBI say he robbed a Citizens Bank branch a few doors down from his apartment.

Witnesses say a dye pack hidden in the money he stole exploded in his hands, creating a red cloud that led authorities to his home.

Authorities searched Fritzel's apartment above a thrift and used furniture shop Monday after the heist.

Senior FBI Agent David Hedges, who heads the bureau's Charleroi office, declined to comment except to call it a "pathetic case."