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Ozzy: I Was Sexually Abused

Singer Ozzy Osbourne says he was sexually abused as an 11-year-old, a published report said Monday.

"Two boys used to wait for me as I came home after school. ... It became a regular thing" the ex-Black Sabbath frontman was quoted as saying in The Daily Mirror.

"They would force me to drop my pants. ... They felt me and touched me. ... it seemed to go on forever," added Osbourne, 54, who grew up in Birmingham, central England.

Osbourne, who stars in the reality TV show, "The Osbournes," with some of his family, said the first time he was abused had been in front of his sister, which had affected him even more.

"I was afraid to tell my mother or father. ... My parents would fight a lot and money was scarce. There were eight of us living in a two-bedroom house. Then that happened and for the rest of my childhood I was forever running with fear," said Osbourne, who has battled drink and drug addiction most of his life.

Osbourne said he had finally worked out his problems with the help of a therapist and his wife.

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