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Over 7,000 iPads scheduled to land at airports

New iPad stations that will be deployed at LaGuardia, Minneapolis-St. Paul, or Toronto airports. OTG

(CBS News) Travelers waiting for board flights are getting an entertainment upgrade in the form of Apple iPads.

Over 7,000 new iPads are scheduled to land at a handful of airports over the next 18 months, thanks to airport restaurateur OTG. The company has already installed 300 new iPads at LaGuardia Airport Terminal D, with 2,000 more to come. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport are scheduled to get 2,500 new iPads each.

The iPads will be located at OTG restaurants, where customers can sit in renovated seating areas. Using a custom browser, travelers can order meals, play games and check flight statuses, emails, Facebook and Twitter.

"This is a unique deployment that has no precedent," Rick Blatstein, chief executive officer of OTG, said in a press release. "We're marrying culinary excellence at the airport with new media. In addition to the content we are already offering, we see this as a significant opportunity for broader deployment of digital content from movies to news to games."

OTG operates restaurants in seven other airports, including John F. Kennedy, Boston Logan, Tucson, Washington National, Orlando, Chicago O'Hare, and Philadelphia.