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Out In The Cold On Christmas

Santa's helpers are bringing an early Christmas to Salt Lake City's freezing homeless people, reports Correspondent Michael Rossen of CBS News Station KUTV-TV in Salt Lake City.

Homes Outreach workers are taking food and warm clothing to dozens of homeless men and women like Elden Urban, who have refused to come in out of the cold.

"I'm cold all the time," says Urban. "That's the trouble with me. I can never get unthawed."

Urban says people just aggravate him, so he'd just as soon live outside, where he has spent half of his 73 years. Urban lives in a junkyard with his dog, Maximillian.

Ed Snoddy (CBS)

"I'm worried," says Outreach worker Ed Snoddy. "Tonight it's going to be below zero. He already has frostbite."

Urban gives thanks to the Homes Outreach workers by breaking into an impromptu polka, which seems to energize him. He takes refuge in an old Volkswagon van, but says the cold is like pliers pulling at his hands and feet.

"We come out and try to give him moral support, make sure he's warm," Snoddy says.

Reported By Michael Rossen