Pistorius trial: Reeva Steenkamp tried to shield herself from bullets, expert says


There was graphic testimony Wednesday in the murder trial of amputee track star Oscar Pistorius as an expert testified about the bullets that hit and killed Pistorius' girlfriend.

Ballistics expert Captain Chris Mangena was composed and assured when he told the court Reeva Steenkamp was facing the door when Pistorius started shooting. He said she was hit first in the hip and then fell onto a bathroom rack.

The second bullet ricocheted causing bruising on her back. He said at this point Steenkamp probably had her hands up in a defensive position protecting her head.

The third bullet hit her arm. The last one passed through her hand and shattered her skull. Steenkamp would have then slumped over the toilet explained the captain.

For much of the testimony Pistorius sat blocking his ears with his hands, as he has done whenever the court discusses Steenkamp's wounds.

The prosecution initially indicated that they would call on 107 witnesses to argue their case and so far, only less than 20 of them have testified. CBS News' Debora Patta said that because of this it came as a surprise that they announced in court that they plan on wrapping up their case next week.

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