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Online Gaming....With Voice Communication

A new kind of team work for online games.

The popularity of online games has been growing fast. Whether you like Monopoly, Doom, or can always find opponents on the net.

Now a company called Multitude is introducing real-time a game called FireTeam. Multitude President Ned Lerner has been developing computer games since the eighties...and FireTeam....will break new ground...

"You and your friends, anywhere in the world, can play together. The game comes with a headset and you're wired up just like you are in a real swat team. Everything that you say, your team mates can hear and everything your team mates say, you can hear. And so you can run around like a real swat team, working together, trying to save each other's lives and you keep in constant communication by screaming, yelling and talking... there's usually a lot of laughing and cursing going on too."

You play in teams...and only members of your team can hear you. FireTeam, scheduled for release in June, will sell for about 50 dollars. That includes a headset and one month of play. You can find more information at

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