One Michael Vick, Two Opinions's Mike Freeman And Gregg Doyel Have Vastly Different Opinions After Vick's 60 Minutes Interview

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Leading up to Sunday's 60 Minutes interview with Michael Vick, we asked two of our colleagues at to give their two cents on what he had to say. Their opinions couldn't be more different.

National columnist Gregg Doyel admits he was cynical before watching the interview. But afterwards he wrote, "Cynical as I am, I bought it. I bought Michael Vick's sincerity, his apology, his self-loathing. If there's a price to pay later for my gullibility ... fine. I'll pay it."

Doyel, who admits he didn't want to watch the interview, writes, "On national television, the man laid himself bare. He didn't just assume the fetal position, protecting his head and body as he lay at interviewer James Brown's feet. No, he went well beyond that. Michael Vick, for several minutes of incredible television, became like the animals he once killed: He flopped onto his back and showed his belly. He was as vulnerable as he could be, and I'm surprised he never cried." Read Doyel's column.

Doyel's colleague Mike Freeman, also a national columnist, was less swayed by the Vick's interview, writing, "Vick on his 60 Minutes interview played the part well. He seems sincere. He looks sorry. He acts sorry. Maybe time in a prison cell has indeed changed him. The problem is, we've seen this Vick highlight before."

"Vick has a history of repeating mistakes, many of them, all the time. Declaring beforehand he was going to change, only to be the same old Vick in the end."

"This time, Vick isn't conning me. Not falling for it. No way, no how. Not this time, Mike Slick. Not this time." Read Freeman's column.

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