"One Man Crime Wave" Captured, Say Newark Police; Four Murders Suspected

Ali Bass (Newark Police Department)

NEWARK, N.J. (CBS/AP) An alleged "one man crime wave" was stopped Friday when cops arrested Ali Bass at a hotel 9 miles south of Newark, N.J.

Police say Bass' crime spree began in July 2009 when he allegedly killed two people in a drive-by shooting. That shooting may have been motivated by revenge, according to police because one of the victims, Hassan Brown, was awaiting trial for the murder of Bass' sister in 2008.

Police say Bass is the lone suspect in a November 2009 murder, and that he was also one of three men who opened fire outside of a downtown Newark house. One man was killed in that shooting, which was reportedly related to a drug dispute.

Bass' picture has been plastered on the Newark Police Department's "Top 12 Most Wanted" List for two months, according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

"We were on a manhunt for him for over a month," Anthony Ambrose, chief of detectives for the Prosecutor's Office, said. "We've tried to track him down in different states. We were all over the map."

Bass has a substantial criminal record including serving at least two state prison terms on drug and weapons convictions and was last released from prison in 2006, according to state Department of Corrections records. He was also charged with an attempted prison escape in August of 2001.

The 27-year-old was taken to the Essex County Correctional Facility Friday night, charged with four counts of murder and several weapons offenses. Bass remains in custody on $3.5 million bail, the sum of the individual bails set on each murder charge.