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OMB Dir. Mulvaney, Rep. Trey Gowdy get in joking Twitter spat over hair

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney had some choice words for South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy on Gowdy's birthday, taking to Twitter to poke fun at the Republican's hair styles and sparking an online tit-for-tat on Tuesday. 

"What do you get for someone on his 60th birthday? A razor and a comb. Happy birthday, @TGowdySC," Mulvaney tweeted, along with a series of photos of some of Gowdy's less flattering haircuts, like this one: 

A few hours later, 53-year old Gowdy responded with a little jab of his own.

"I am just a couple of haircuts away from equaling the number of staff departures by your WH colleagues. I get it. You are hard to work with," Gowdy tweeted back, seemingly referring to the revolving door of exits as of late from the President Trump's West Wing. 

The faux-feud didn't stop there, however, as Mulvaney delivered one final blow to Gowdy. 

"If I could defund your haircuts, I would," tweeted the director, whose role involves overseeing the administration's budgetary policies. 

While the Twitter spat gained immediate traction online, the two South Carolina Republicans appeared to have been delivering the jabs in jest as they both represented South Carolina and have known each other for years. Upon Mulvaney's appointment to the Trump Cabinet, Gowdy congratulated Mulvaney by calling the director "incredibly bright and capable."

"Mick was not only a talented colleague, but he is also an incredible friend on a personal level. Tim Scott, Jeff Duncan, Mick Mulvaney and I came into Congress together in 2011 and forged friendships that are rare in politics," wrote Gowdy of Mulvaney in a February statement. 

The two previously traded tweaks on Mulvaney's birthday, with Gowdy tweeting, "Honestly thought Mick Mulvaney turned 50 years ago. Was Wrong. Happy 50th Micky."

Mulvaney replied, in his very first official tweet as OMB director, "I'd like to call out @TGowdySC. He's hiding two deep, dark secrets: He's much older than I am. He needed CBO's help counting to 50."

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