Ohio shooting victim's mom: I'm mad he's gone

Chardon High School student Daniel Parmertor was the first to die following a shooting at his school on Monday.

Parmertor was an aspiring computer repairman who was waiting in the cafeteria for the bus for his daily 15-minute ride to a vocational school. His teacher at the Auburn Career School had no idea why Parmertor, "a very good young man, very quiet," had been targeted, according to those who knew him.

His parents, Bob and Dina Parmertor, are devastated by the attack. In an interview with CBS News, they expressed their shock and anguish.

Dina said: "We were supposed to go and pick out colleges. We were supposed to go visit Ohio State next month. I have to come here and pick out a casket. I don't know what is. I don't like it. I'm mad. I'm just mad that he's gone. How could someone do that?"

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