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Ohio prosecutors mull charges for ice bucket pranksters

CLEVELAND - Ohio prosecutors have started reviewing evidence to determine if charges should be filed against teens accused of duping a special needs boy who thought he was participating in the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge."

Cuyahoga County prosecutors met for several hours on Tuesday with police from the Cleveland suburb of Bay Village, where the teens had dumped a mixture of urine and tobacco on the 15-year-old with autism who thought he was participating in the popular charity challenge.

The boy's parents reported the incident to police earlier this month after video of the prank was posted online.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that an attorney for one of the juveniles involved said the group of teens were all friends and had been playing pranks on each other over the summer. He said the boys were not aware the 15-year-old was diagnosed as autistic.

According to the paper, five teens identified as being involved attend Bay High School and are between the ages of 14 and 17. The incident garnered national attention, with celebrities like Drew Carey offering rewards to anyone who helped police crack the case.

The videotaped incident gained national attention.

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