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Ohio inmate pulls clothing switcheroo, escapes

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ohio - A search is into its third day for an escaped inmate from a prison a mile outside of Cincinnati, reports CBS affiliate WKRC.

Officers say 20-year-old Chris Bowden pretended to be another inmate and walked out of the Hamilton County Justice Center on Tuesday. Bowden reportedly switched clothing with fellow prisoner Darius Dabney, who subsequently made bail.

Bowden was supposed to be in court on a gun charge, but instead he slipped away in Dabney's garb.

It was last week that Bowden was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for aggravated robbery, but he was awaiting a transfer scheduled for after his appearance on the gun charge. Now he'll face an additional charge of escape, a felony - if he's caught.

Major Charmaine McGuffey of the Hamilton County sheriff's office said, "At least five individuals, including supervisors, touched that paperwork, scrutinized the documents, scrutinized the individual that's being released. We have procedures in place that help us identify each and every inmate. We release hundreds of people from the jail; this is a very unique occurrence."

Dabney was facing a marijuana charge but now will also be charged with complicity to escape, which is a felony.

Authorities say Bowden is dangerous and anyone who sees him should call 911 immediately.

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