Official N. Korea Twitter account follows Texan

(CBS News) Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt was recently in North Korea, calling on the government to open up Internet access in the country. And while North Korea has been slow to adopt 21st century technology, it is now touting its own Twitter account. The regime's account is only following three users -- two are propaganda-related sites but one belongs to a 25-year-old Texas man.

Jimmy Dushku, is an entrepreneur and a self-professed lover of fast cars, fast motorcycles, fast jets, and the band Coldplay.

"I've been called the biggest Coldplay fan. If you google it, I'm the first thing that shows up, my web page," Dushku told CBS News' Terrell Brown.

In 2010, Dushku noticed he had a new Twitter follower, just one of the three accounts followed by North Korea.

"It's either they followed me and I said, 'Have a nice day,' or something. Or, I said that, and then they followed me," Dushku said.

Google's Eric Schmidt calls for open Internet in North Korea
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He does not speak Korean but has exchanged a few tweets with Pyongyang's account and has an open invitation to visit the repressive country.

Despite their online relationship, Dushku suspects the following was a mistake.

"I used to think that maybe they don't even know how to use Twitter [in] the appropriate way. If you look at their account, they favorited one of their own tweets," Dushku explained.

Whatever the reason, Dushku says his unique following has earned him some unwanted attention. Since the hermit regime followed him, Dushku says he has been accused of being a spy, received death threats, and had his private information leaked on the Internet.

"People talk about getting threats and all of that, but when it happens to you, it's very personal," Dushku told Brown. "I can't explain the feeling but it made me change everything. I've been so cautious."

And despite the internet notoriety the tech-savvy 25-year-old has gained, Dushku says he wishes the regime would just unfollow him.