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Officer shot and killed, another injured during hostage situation in Mississippi

One police officer is dead and a second is injured after a hostage situation in Brandon, Mississippi, ended in gunfire, officials said Thursday. 

The Associated Press reported that an unnamed person was holding a second unidentified person hostage inside a home in Brandon, a suburb of Jackson, Mississippi's capital city. The hostage situation reportedly began as a domestic dispute, the AP reported, and police first received a call of the situation at around 1:45 a.m. local time. 

The first Brandon Police Department officer who responded was shot and injured, according to a statement from the area's Department of Public Safety. That officer is in stable condition. 

While attempting to enter the residence, a second police officer was shot and fatally wounded, the department said. 

The suspect in the incident also received fatal injuries, officials said without elaborating.

The hostage was rescued. 

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation will assess the case and share their findings with the Attorney General's Office, the public safety department said. According to the AP, this is standard protocol for cases when a law enforcement officer is shot or shoots someone.

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