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Obama Tries to Rally Support for Midterm Vote

Summoning his supporters, President Barack Obama on Tuesday predicted Democratic wins across the nation on Nov. 2 if his backers get energized and "hope overcomes fear" once again.

Fielding friendly questions at a political event sponsored by his own party, Obama dabbled with new technology, taking queries from people using the Skype telephone and video service and the Twitter social media network. Yet his message was familiar: Those who voted for him in 2008 must support like-minded candidates in the midterm elections and rally others to do so as well or the entire agenda they want will be in peril.

"The only way this is going to work is if hope defeats fear," Obama said at George Washington University. To the supporters seated around him and those watching via the live webcast, he said if they muster their energy, "I'm absolutely confident that we will do well in this election. We will win all across the country."

Spending ever more time on political campaigning, Obama spoke to an audience of backers from Organizing for America, the president's political organization based at the Democratic National Committee, as well from George Washington University students.

The event was being billed as a conversation between Obama and his supporters in hopes of firing them up ahead of the crucial Nov. 2 elections.

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