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Obama to Students: "I've Still Got Game"

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

COLLEGE PARK, MD. -- In front of a crowd of thousands roaring students at the University of Maryland, Barack Obama declared, "I've still got game, I do!"

Obama was addressing the womens' basketball team, who are contenders for the national championship. "You know if I had brought my sneakers, I'd suit up, I'd play a little bit against you!" Obama said.

This was Obama's first campaign stop at the University of Maryland, where the crowd of mostly students played hip-hop music and danced in the stands before he took the stage. Obama encouraged the students to reject cynicism and to vote.

During his stump, Obama briefly mentioned Clinton and McCain, said he thinks he can get Republicans to vote for him.

"You know they call them Obama-cans. We can get some Republican votes, that's how we're gonna win is to build a winning coalition not just Democrats but independents and republicans who have also lost trust in their government, who have lost faith in their leaders who want to move in a new direction, that's what we want, everybody getting on the change bandwagon, the change express."

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