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Obama to Boehner: Many Things You've Said "Just Aren't True"

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
After House Republican leader John Boehner aggressively criticized the Democrats' health care reform plan, President Obama told him that Democrats would "profoundly disagree with" many of the things he said, adding that based on his analysis, Boehner's claims "just aren't true."

Boehner echoed what he and other Republicans have been saying about the health care reform effort, claiming "this 2,700 page bill will bankrupt our country."

He said "the American people want us to scrap this bill," calling it a "dangerous experiment" with the world's best health care system and again casting it as a "government takeover."

Boehner said the bill meant $500 billion in new taxes, called the individual mandate unconstitutional, and said many employers "are going to look at this and say I'll pay the tax, and they're going to dump their employees into the exchange."

"Within five years, every American is going to have to go to the exchange to get their health care," he claimed.

Boehner also brought up the issue of abortion, noting that a compromise in the House bill "upheld the language we've had in law for 30 years that there would be no taxpayer funding of abortions." He noted that the White House's proposal does not include such a provision.

A seemingly frustrated Mr. Obama responded by saying that his challenge at the meeting is to keep momentum going when people "go back to the standard talking points that Democrats and Republicans have had for the past year."

"There are so many things that you've said that [Democrats] would profoundly disagree with, and that based on my analysis just aren't true," said Mr. Obama.

He said he would return to Boehner's points later at the end of the meeting, but that he wanted to keep talking about the deficit and that "the conversation would start bogging down pretty quick" if he focused on the House Republican's claims.

A few minutes later, Mr. Obama did take on one of Boehner's claims, which concerned medical malpractice lawsuits.

"When you say that it's the single biggest driver of medical inflation that's just not the case," he said.

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