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Obama Talks Lipstick and Pigs With Letterman

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(NEW YORK) - In an interview with David Letterman, Barack Obama defended and joked about the lipstick flap calling it a part of the "silly season" in politics.

"It's a common expression at least in Illinois," Obama said, "I don't know about New York City, I don't know where you guys put lipstick on here."

He went on to explain, "In Illinois the expression connotes the idea that if you have a bad idea, in this case I was talking about John McCain's economic plans, that just calling them change, calling it something different doesn't make it better hence lipstick on a pig is still a pig."

But Obama later said that if he had been talking about Palin specifically, that she would have been the lipstick in the analogy and not the pig.

"The failed policies of John McCain would be the pig. I mean just following the logic of this illogical situation."

Letterman asked Obama if he had actually ever put lipstick on a pig, to which Obama said no, "but I think it might be fun to try."

The Late Show interview airs tonight on CBS.

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