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Obama "Strongly Condemns" Iranian Crackdown

President Obama "strongly condemned" the recent Iranian government crackdown of protesters Sunday in which at least eight people were killed.

"The United States joins with the international community in strongly condemning the violent and unjust suppression of innocent Iranian citizens, which has apparently resulted in detentions, injuries, and even death," Mr. Obama said.

The president said that "fear and tyranny" would not stop the Iranian people's aspirations "for justice and a better life for themselves."

"For months, the Iranian people have sought nothing more than to exercise their universal rights," he said. "Each time they have done so, they have been met with the iron fist of brutality, even on solemn occasions and holy days. And each time that has happened, the world has watched with deep admiration for the courage and the conviction of the Iranian people who are part of Iran's great and enduring civilization."

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Mr. Obama said the U.S. "stands with those who seek their universal rights" and called for the immediate release of "all who have been unjustly detained within Iran."

"We will continue to bear witness to the extraordinary events that are taking place there. And I'm confident that history will be on the side of those who seek justice," he said.

The president made the comments from Hawaii, where he is currently on vacation, at the end of 10-minute address on actions the administration taken in the wake of the attempted terror attack aboard a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day. Click here for more on those remarks.

You can watch Mr. Obama's full remarks below:

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