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Obama Pumpkin Stabbed And Hanged At Middle Tennessee State U.

This story was written by Tanner Eads, Sidelines

A pumpkin bearing Obama's face was found stabbed, covered in red paint and hanging from an Middle Tennessee State University dormitory just after the election results were announced Tuesday.

When President-elect Barack Obama won the presidency Tuesday, a pumpkin was found that had a picture of Obama's face attached to it. The pumpkin was found hanging from a rope on the third floor of Gracy Hall, a dormitory at MTSU.

A crowd had already gathered when freshman Sedric Yunupingu came out of the Woodmoore Dining Hall and noticed the pumpkin hanging overhead. According to Yunupingu, he and a friend, Alexandra Bigel, headed up to the third floor to deal with the pumpkin and discovered two girls, both white, who are allegedly responsible. One girl was still holding the knife.

"When we got up there they had the knife from the pumpkin and had taken the picture off of it," Yunupingu said. "[The girls said that they were the ones who] did it but it wasn't supposed to be a race issue."

Bigel, also an MTSU freshman, said she helped Sedric remove the pumpkin after the girls refused to remove it from where it hung.

She said soon thereafter someone called the police.

"In order to move forward [as a nation], we need to get over something as trivial as the color of our skin," Bigel said.

The MTSU Public Safety Dept. was flooded with calls reporting the issue, and soon three officers arrived on the scene to deal with the disturbance. The officers were unavailable for comment.

According to the Public Safety Department's crime log, which is located on its Web site, they have received several calls starting at 11:31 p.m., and the event was filed as malicious mischief.

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