Obama Offers New Ads In Three States

Barack Obama has new ads out today in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Indiana, perhaps the three most important primary states left on the calendar.

The 30-second Indiana spot, "For Decades," shows Obama in a black leather jacket, speaking from in front of a steel plant. "For decades, politicians have talked about protecting jobs, but the power of Washington lobbyists stops anything from changing," Obama says in the spot. "I'm Barack Obama. I'm the only candidate who doesn't take their money. And they won't run my White House."

The Pennsylvania spot, "Nothing's Changed," begins with a reference to "the gas lines of the '70s" – after which Obama says that while Democrats and Republicans have long talked about energy independence, nothing has changed.

"Except now Exxon is making $40 billion a year, and we're paying $3.50 for gas," he says. "I'm Barack Obama. I don't take money from oil companies or Washington lobbyists and I won't let them block change anymore."

The Clinton campaign's Phil Singer responded to the spot with this:

"It's unfortunate that Senator Obama is using false advertising to explain why he can be trusted to do something about energy prices. Senator Obama says he doesn't take campaign contributions from oil companies but the reality is that Exxon, Shell, and others are among his donors. I wonder if they'll fix the ad."

The North Carolina spot, "Enough," echoes one he has run before. In it, Obama says it is time to end tax breaks for companies that move overseas and give tax breaks to those who invest at home.