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Obama Goes After Republicans On His Own

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(KANSAS CITY, MO.) - Democrats may be getting heat for not going after John McCain on the first day of the Convention, but Barack Obama wasted no time attacking his opponent today.

"I just don't think he gets it. He is out of touch. I don't think he realizes what ordinary American families are going through," Obama said as a small crowd applauded.

Speaking at an overhaul base for American Airlines, Obama focused on the ailing economy and tried to prove that he is the candidate who identifies most with the middle class.

"Who has a track record of fighting for you?" he asked, "'Cause that's what you need – you need somebody who every single day gets it and understands that you're not looking for a handout."

Obama's jabs were not limited to McCain, as he tried to put blame on the Bush Administration and the Republican Party.

"Over the last eight years, you've been falling behind, over the last eight years, your lives are less secure, over the last eight years, you are more likely to have lost your health insurance, over the last eight years you are more likely to not be able to save, over the last eight years your home values have started to drop," Obama said.

However, he tried to portray a more prosperous time during the Clinton presidency, when he says Americans were earning substantially more. "When Bill Clinton was president the typical family income went up $6,200," Obama said, "Up under Democrats, down under this administration."

Hillary Clinton will address the Convention tonight while Bill Clinton speaks tomorrow evening.