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Obama Breaks Out an Old Favorite

From CBS News' Allison O'Keefe:

MITCHELL, S.D. -– Before approximately 2,000 people and with the Corn Palace behind him, Obama brought up his favorite story from the campaign in South Carolina. It involves a little old lady from Greenwood, S.C.

It was approximately 100 degrees in the bright sunlight beating down on the waiting crowd. "What a beautiful day to be at the corn palace. Look at this, you got corn!" Obama exclaimed.

It has been months since the press has heard Obama talk about how he traveled all the way to Greenwood to Edith Childs' home where she led the chant "Fired up, Ready to go." The press was practically telling the story along with him, especially when he likes to talk about her Sunday hat and must include a gesture to his head indicating a large brimmed "Sunday hat."

He also delivered his standard stump speech but with a bit more urgency that he is days away from the golden ticket. "On the brink of the last primary, here in South Dakota, after visiting 48 states and speaking to hundreds of thousands of people and shaking hundreds of thousands of hands, and kissing hundreds of babies, I am here to report that my bet has paid off because the American people have had enough."

But his opponent, Hillary Clinton was the winner today in the Puerto Rico primary. Obama took a moment to congratulate her on the win without giving concession on the nomination itself.

"She is going to make a great assest when we go into November to make sure that we defeat the Republicans. That I can promise you."

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