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Obama Backers Take To Streets Tomorrow

In an attempt to tap into the grassroots movement that served him well during the campaign, President Obama has asked the 13 million supporters on his email list to go door-to-door tomorrow to encourage their neighbors to support his ambitious agenda.

As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, volunteers will ask people to sign a pledge saying they support the president's energy, health care and education policies as part of the Pledge Project Canvass. They will also ask for signatories' e-mail addresses.

"We can't let this plan be debated solely behind closed doors in Washington, D.C.," the deputy national director of Organizing for America, Jeremy Bird, said in a web video this week.

The Chronicle writes that while the administration's effort to tap its army of supporters – many of whom are already engaged with the administration on social networking sites and elsewhere – could yield benefits, there is also a risk of a "boomerang effect."

"If the same individuals who joined Obama's army of supporters feel he has overly compromised on some issues, such as health care, they could use those same networks to lash back at him," notes the newspaper.

The networks could also be tapped to pressure local and state lawmakers to support the president, however.

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