Obama and Harry Smith: One-on-One

President Obama and Harry Smith go one-on-one both on and off the court.
CBS News went to the White House Thursday to talk some policy and shoot some hoops.

CBS Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith asked President Barack Obama about his decision to expand offshore oil and gas exploration.

"I wasn't going to be governed by ideology and the dogmas of the left or the right that we were going to do what's right to secure America's independence," President Obama said. "As we transition to clean energy sources there's still going to be a need for new energy sources."

Obama on "Troublesome" Talk Radio
Obama, Harry Smith Shoot Hoops

A short walk down from the White House is the president's personal basketball court - where Clark Kellogg of CBS Sportsjoined the basketball game.

"I hear you've got game Harry," Obama said. "I am feeling a little tense about this, although I do have the home court advantage."

"Mr. president, the question everyone wants to know is - can you go to your right?" Smith asked.

"I can go to my right, but I prefer my left," Obama replied.

The president doesn't always sink his famous jump shot.

"You know, I've got a few other things on my mind," Obama said.

"It's like health care, I always come from behind," Obama said. "I finish strong."

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Obama, Harry Smith Shoot Some Hoops

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