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NYC toddler shooting suspect: It was an "evil act"

NEW YORK The man accused of shooting a toddler to death in his stroller on a New York City street says it was an "evil act" he has to live with.

Daquan Breland tells The New York Daily News that "remorseful doesn't even describe what I feel." He spoke to the newspaper at the Rikers Island jail.

Breland was one of two men arrested in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on Friday, the same day the toddler, Antiq Hennis, was buried.

CBS Station WCBS reports Breland and Daquan Wright, 19, also from Brooklyn, were apprehended in the apartment of Wright's sister.

Breland was charged with second-degree murder. Wright was charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Antiq Hennis, who was fatally shot while sitting in a stroller being pushed by his father in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. WCBS

Authorities believe Breland's intended target was Antiq's father, Anthony Hennis, and that the shooting may have been gang-related.

The 23-year-old suspect tells the News he never intended to hurt the toddler. He says: "I could never do that to an innocent little baby. It's not in my heart."

He offered his condolences to Antiq's family.

On Friday, hundreds joined the child's relatives at the Grace Funeral Chapel in Brooklyn. The toddler was dressed in white as he lay in the tiny casket.

"You stand there, and you see a little boy laying there, you're gonna feel emotional," Ralph Kokason told WCBS. "You know, a little boy that hadn't even gotten the chance to enjoy his life."

Yvette Telfair-Clay, Antiq's godmother, said, "Little boys playing with guns, that want to be men. They're not men. They're little boys.

"Men don't shoot babies. May they rot in hell."