NYC men accused of posing as police officers to buy Grand Theft Auto video game

(CBS) NEW YORK - Three New York City men are accused of posing as police officers and flashing badges so they could cut hundreds of people in line at a mall to buy the new Grand Theft Auto V video game, reports CBS New York.

Investigators said the suspects cut the line just after midnight Tuesday at the Staten Island Mall. They then made their getaway in a car that was once used as an unmarked police vehicle - complete with lights and sirens, according to the station.

However, it wasn't long before real police caught up with them, the station reports.

Kirolos Sayed, 19, Matthew Kirshen, 20, and Frank Santanastaso, 19, are charged with criminal impersonation and face up to a year in jail if convicted. They were arraigned and eventually released, according to the station.

Sayed is an auxiliary NYPD officer and Santanastaso is the son of a retired NYPD officer, the station reports.

This isn't the first example of the intense demand for the violent video game.

In London, after Tuesday's midnight release, a man was reportedly hit with a brick and stabbed before thieves made off with his copy.