NYC Launches iPhone App to Find Free Condoms

Whether you use condoms may rest, in part, on your age and ethnic group. When it comes to vaginal intercourse, Caucasians reported using them less than African-Americans and Hispanics. But overall, teens seem to be getting the safe sex message, especially males. Seventy-nine percent of young men between 14 and 17 said they used condoms. That was 21 percentage points higher than than their female counterparts.People over 40 have the lowest rates of condom use and it declines rapidly with age. Only 5 percent of men over 60 years old are using them.Older people may be less concerned about pregnancy. They may also be in need of remedial education about sexually transmitted diseases.

(CBS) - If you have enough money for a smart phone but don't want to pony up for condoms, New York City has an app for you.

The city's Health Department launched the NYC Condom Finder on Valentine's Day, a free application that allows users to find the five closest locations that give out free condoms by either using GPS or manually entering an address. The program then will give directions - walking, driving or public transportation - as well as hours of operation, what types of safe sex products are available and tips on how to use a condom.

"What we're doing is working to make New York City the safest city in the world to have sex," Monica Sweeney, the Health Department's assistant commissioner for its Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control told CNN.

There are about 1,000 condom distribution centers throughout New York City's five boroughs that are on the application. The Health Department has given out condoms since 1971, and began distributing New York City-branded condoms in 2007 - the first city-branded condoms in the country.

The city has been giving out about 3 million free condoms a month, Reuters reports.

Don't have an iPhone? Call 311 to find out the old-fashioned way where to pick up condoms.