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N.Y. Woman, 56, Has Twins

The sister of Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa gave birth to twins Tuesday, just three days shy of her 57th birthday.

Aleta St. James, who became pregnant by in-vitro fertilization, and her newborn son and daughter are doing well, said Maria Sliwa, the babies' aunt.

Francesca, who weighs 5 pounds, 12 ounces, and her brother Gian,who weighs 5 pounds, 3 ounces, were delivered by Caesarean section at Mount Sinai Medical Center. They are in excellent health, said Dr. Jonathan Scher, who delivered the babies.

St. James, a motivation speaker who helped her brother set up the crime-fighting group in the 1970s, said earlier this week that it's never too late to become a mother.

"You are never too old," she said. "It's just in your mind."

Dr. Jane Miller, director of North Hudson IVF and St. James' fertility doctor, says the key to giving birth at such an advanced age is to be in excellent physical condition.

In an interview on The Early Show Wednesday, Miller said that reduces the risk for problems, such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems, low birth weight, and premature delivery, that can affect pregnant women over age 40.

Miller said St. James' pregnancy would not have been possible without donor eggs.

"Donor eggs are becoming more and more popular and I'm very glad," she said. "One thing that makes me happy is Aleta was able to say, 'I used donor eggs.'

"Donor eggs are very currently suggested or recommended for women who are over 42 trying to conceive, but we use donor eggs (for women) who are in their 30s, too."

In those cases, she said, the younger women have abnormal eggs or ovulate abnormally, making it difficult to conceive.

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