N.Y. man admits to pouring bleach into children's milk

(CBS/AP) SYRACUSE, N.Y. - Authorities say an upstate New York man angry over getting tossed out of his brother's home poisoned his sibling's two toddlers by pouring bleach in their milk.

Syracuse police say Friday that 20-year-old Aaron Hickman had been living with his brother but got into an argument with him Wednesday night and was told to leave. Before doing so, officials say, Hickman poured bleach into a container of milk in the refrigerator.

Police say the brother's 1- and 3-year-old sons drank the milk Thursday morning and got sick, suffering severe vomiting and diarrhea. The boys were treated at a hospital and were released, according to CBS affiliate WTVH in Syracuse, N.Y.

Shamara Hale, the children's mother, told WTVH that Hickman had been living with them for two months. After his brother asked Hickman to leave, the family left for the night. When they came home the next morning, she noticed her Listerine was a funny color and smelled like bleach. When her sons started to get sick, she smelled their milk and realized it had a bleach odor as well.

"This is the worst experience ever because my kids could have died," Hale told WTVH. "I would've had to plan two funerals."

WTVH reported that Hickman has admitted to putting bleach in the milk. He is charged with second degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. He is being arraigned Friday in Syracuse City Court.

It wasn't immediately clear if he had a lawyer.