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Not All Clinton Supporters Embrace Unity

From CBS News' Jamie Farnsworth:

(CINCINNATI) At Xavier University in Cincinnati, Sen. John McCain hosted a town hall event for voters this afternoon. Among the many McCain supporters sat a woman wearing a navy blue "Hillary For President" hat.

The day before a much anticipated first campaign appearance by Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, a new AP/Yahoo News poll released findings that over half of Clinton supporters are now backing Obama. However, there are still some former Clinton supporters shopping for a new candidate.

"I'm a registered Democrat looking for a presidential candidate," the Clinton supporter told John McCain. "There are lots of women who feel now disenfranchised."

McCain answered the voter by singing his own praise of Clinton, saying "all of us respect not only Senator Clinton but the race that she ran. She inspired millions of Americans and millions of American women and women all over the world." He went on to say he appreciated being able to work with Clinton on the Armed Services Committee.

The voter neglected to say who she would be voting for, only that she wished Obama was at the town hall with McCain. She also said she felt compelled as a woman to question McCain's positions on women's rights and express her concern over his possible Supreme Court appointees.

For a candidate no longer running for president, Clinton still is very much in the minds of voters and tomorrow she will try to sway the remaining undecided toward her one-time rival.

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