Not a Clean Getaway: Bank Robber Calls a Cab, Say Mont. Police

Man Calls Cab To Make Robbery Getaway

MISSOULA, Mont. (CBS/AP) Man robs bank, man leaves bank, man calls taxi to escape - what's wrong with this plan?

Police in Missoula, Mont. say Vincent Sullivan entered a downtown bank Tuesday morning, told a teller he had a weapon, and demanded money.

Taxi driver James Anderson told the Missoulian newspaper that the man he picked up that morning at a local coffee shop was acting strangely.

Put two and two together...

The cab driver said his passenger first asked to be taken to the University of Montana campus, but couldn't give a specific location. The man then asked to be taken to a hotel, but not before stopping to buy cigarettes.

The cab fare was $7.50, and Anderson said when they reached the hotel, his passenger tipped him $5 - mighty generous of him.

That's when officers pulled up and surrounded the taxi with guns drawn.

No one was hurt during the bank holdup or the arrest.

Sullivan, the alleged bandit, is 64, and from out of state. He was charged in the robbery.