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No Life On The D-List For These Kids


MOUNT OLIVE, N.J. ( CBS) Kathy Griffin notwithstanding, few people find success on the D List.

That's why one New Jersey school district is abolishing it altogether.

According to a report Sunday in The New York Times, there will be no D's given out this year in Mount Olive, N.J. Students either get a C - a minimum number grade of 70 - or they fail. This applies to not only courses, but homework, quizzes, exams and term papers.

"Ds are simply not useful in society," said Larrie Reynolds, the Mount Olive superintendent who led the campaign against the grade. The district is also instituting a series of measures aimed at bolstering achievement. These range from an opportunity to resubmit failing homework to an organized after-school tutoring program, dubbed Sunset Academy.

Not surprisingly, the move has created a lot of buzz in town. Many parents, students and teachers applaud it but some argue that it is unfair to the student who just misses C-level work. There is also the concern that it will further frustrate those students who already are turned off by school and coursework.

Interestingly, one of the students quoted in the newspaper report is a D student and she admits she can do better.

"It's not like I can't do it," said Aphrodite Georgakopoulos, 16. "It's just that I won't push myself."

So what do you think? Should other schools adopt this policy? Or should we see how it plays out in New Jersey? Discuss.