N.J. Home Invasion Update: Reward up to $20,000 for info on home beating caught on "nanny cam"

(CBS/AP) MILLBURN, N.J.-- The reward for information that could lead authorities to the suspect in the brutal New Jersey home invasion caught on a "nanny camera" is now $20,000, which is quadruple the $5,000 amount that was announced on Wednesday.

The $15,000 increase was made possible by donations from public groups and private individuals who were outraged by the attack.

According to, Millburn authorities said the suspect, who they believe has a beard, broke into the New Jersey home at around 10:30 a.m. on Friday, assaulted a woman in front of her 3-year-old and stole jewelry.

The assault was caught on video by a nanny camera and shows the suspect repeatedly beating the woman in her living room and then dragging her away from the room, shoving her through a doorway, and shutting the door, reported the website.

The young mother was treated for a concussion, bruises, chipped teeth and cuts around her mouth.

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