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Nike Seeks Young Female for Promotional "Journalism" Job

Nike wants to employ a "reporter" to interview sports stars and is offering to pay their expenses for travel and "gear." The stories found by the reporter will appear on The "Nike Field Reporter" must be female and aged 18-24. She must also be "sassy, smart and sports savvy."* The job ad Nike posted on (click image to enlarge) is riddled with typos (either that or the writer has a religious objection to the apostrophe). A rep for MB said that was the site's fault, not Nike's, as its software stripped the ad of punctuation.

The company does not want to see your resume -- it wants a video. Here's a sample:

Who Were Lookin For
One lucky lady between 18-24 whos sassy, smart and sports savvy. If youre in the know and on the go, its time to take your shot at being the first-ever Nike Field Reporter.
Heres What You Need to Do
Send us an audition video and show us that youve got the skills. In 3 minutes or less, tell us why youd make the perfect Nike Field Reporter. Give us insight into who you are and why youre right for the job.
Eyeballs are doubtless rolling at the agency that handles Nike's recruitment advertising.

Although Nike advertises the job under the "Sports/Entertainment Journalism" heading, it's really a branded content gig. Actual journalists need not apply, especially since the conflict of interest would prevent you from accepting anyway.

The successful field reporter will have their videos uploaded onto, where they will be given the usual laborious Flash animation treatment and a headache-inducing jump-cut edit. Good luck, "sassy" girls!

*Why does everyone in advertising have to be sassy, smart and savvy? Wouldn't it be more interesting if they were normal?

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