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Nigel Thornberry Meme: The Internet at its most random and hilarious

nigel thornberry meme

(CBS) - So we're all on the same page about this being the Summer o' 90's Nostalgia, right? Good, because it totally is. Let's all grab our scrunchies, pour a glass of Sunny D, and plug in our 56k modems (stay off the phone, Mom!) It's time to reminisce about late 90's Nickelodeon cartoon show "The Wild Thornberrys." Remember that show? Of course you do, you Gen X/Yer you. You probably also remember Nigel Thornberry, the sometimes-incomprehensible character who is suddenly blowing up online.

Why on Earth is Nigel Thornberry suddenly the hottest topic on Twitter? We have no idea! But these incredible music mash-ups might have something to do with it. Nigel, you see, has gained a second life as a featured performer in some of the top Pop songs of recent years. Let's check out some of his best cameos.

Nigel and Gaga. It makes sense. Lady Gaga is a tireless innovator and trendsetter; who better to match her passion for exploring the boundries of culture than tireless explorer Nigel Thornberry? If anything, it makes too much sense.

Okay, these don't actually make any sense. But you can laugh anyway.

Sure, Gaga and Katy Perry are great. But Nigel is a 90's man, and it takes the 90's best (or second best depending on who you ask) boy band to truly do Nigel's "blargh" credit.

There you have it. Nigel Thornberry, ladies and gentlemen. If we had one word to sum up this ridiculous meme, if would be "Smashing!"

Did we miss any good ones? Feel free to let us know in the comments. Also if you have any idea why this is a thing, we'd love to know that too.

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