NFL surveys: Ndamukong Suh least liked, Tim Tebow most overrated

Jay Cutler (right) of the Chicago Bears and Ndamukong Suh (left) are the least liked players in the NFL, according to a Forbes survey.
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Lions star Ndamukong Suh has a reputation for dirty hits - and his violent sack of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on Monday night did nothing to diminish that perception.

Of course, Cutler doesn't have the most sterling standing in the league either, so it may come as no surprise that both the sacker and the sackee are among the least liked players in the NFL, according to a Forbes survey of fans.

Suh registered just a 19 percent "appeal" score and it's no surprise: He's been voted the "meanest player" by his peers and last year, he made headlines for stomping on a Packers lineman after the whistle on Thanksgiving Day.

As for Cutler, he scored just 21 percent on the appeal barometer. Why? It could be that fans question his toughness in key games or don't approve of him shoving a teammate on the sidelines.

For the record, Michael Vick, Randy Moss and Matt Leinart rounded out the top 5 "least liked" players in the Forbes survey. As for the most liked? That would be Troy Polamalu of the Steelers (63% appeal), the Saints' Drew Brees (62%) and the Packers' Charles Woodson (also 62%).

One player absent from the Forbes survey is Tim Tebow - arguably the most polarizing player in the league. But Tebow ranks No. 1 in another poll: The backup QB for the Jets was voted the most overrated player in the league in a Sports Illustrated survey - and it wasn't even close.

In the poll of 180 players, 34 percent named Tebow as the most overrated. Who's No. 2? The guy who starts ahead of him, Mark Sanchez (8 percent). Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo also received a dismal 8 percent score in the survey. (Romo didn't fare well in the Forbes poll either, ranking No. 6 among the NFL's least liked players).

Is Tebow the most overrated player in the NFL? Perhaps. But it's interesting that he holds the dubious spot at the top of the poll considering he has only been on the field for 55 snaps all season long.

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