New Yorker cover captures the White House's glee over the Romney-Gingrich battle

The NewYorker
The New Yorker

As the Florida primary nears its conclusion, the White House is hoping that the intense battling, bickering and mud slinging between GOP presidential contenders Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich carries on throughout the next several weeks of campaigning. 

"The New Yorker" magazine for Feb.6 perfectly captures this idea in the cover illustrated by Barry Blitt. It shows President Obama laughing as he watches Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich on a TV screen, who are battling for the football in their own Super Bowl game.

Gingrich said he will fight for the nomination, going state-by-state, all the way to the Republican National Convention, regardless of whether he does badly in the Florida primary.

"I will go all the way to the convention. I expect to win the nomination," Gingrich said during a rally in St. Lucie, Florida, Saturday.

Whoever becomes the GOP nominee will be bloodied, but very battle tested as the focus shifts to beating Mr. Obama in the presidential race. 

In the meantime, the president can watch with some strategic enjoyment the GOP campaign of mutual destruction and work on his game plan for competing for all the marbles in November. 

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