Mike Lupica: Trump will "find your weakest point and attack it"

In his latest article, New York Daily News syndicated columnist Mike Lupica suggested that Donald Trump's outsider status is what's cementing his lead in the GOP race.

On "CBS This Morning" Wednesday, Lupica said Trump's front-runner status was "more surprising" than when President Obama defeated Hillary Clinton eight years ago as an African-American first-term senator, but Lupica reiterated his belief that the business mogul would become the Republican presidential nominee.

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"I don't think [Trump] knew how angry people were about Congress but the president as well, so he tapped into something that I think was more profound than he knew," Lupica said.

Lupica also attributed Trump's success to his ability to "find your weakest point and attack it."

"He'll listen for three hours, and he'll seize on the one thing that he can use," Lupica said. "When Hillary Clinton called him sexist, he put her husband into play at warped speed, and when Jeb Bush thought he was going to bring his brother out of the bullpen ... he went right after him on Iraq."

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Lupica also mocked "second- and third-place finishers" Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for "declaring victory" on the campaign trail.

"It's like the Carolina Panthers going home after the Super Bowl and throwing themselves a victory parade," Lupica said. "Ted Cruz the other night in South Carolina said, 'We made history tonight,' and I'm thinking, 'What kind of history?'"

While Lupica described Rubio as the "only one who has a chance" against the front-runner, he said that he cannot successfully make "any kind of case for himself" as he has yet to win a single state.