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New video asks: Is Daniel the real bully in "The Karate Kid"?

You may have been rooting for the wrong guy all along.

YouTube user J. Matthew Turner posted a video that proposes a serious conspiracy theory: Daniel LaRusso, portrayed by Ralph Macchio, is the real bully in "The Karate Kid." Johnny Lawrence is just an innocent peacemaker.

How could that be possible? Think about it, Turner says -- Daniel is the troublemaker. He's the one disturbing the peace when he asks Johnny to give back Ali's radio, and Johnny is just complying, while "accidentally" shoving Daniel in the process. See? He does give back the radio, points out Turner.

Moreover, Daniel attacks Johnny while Johnny is rolling a joint. Turner asks viewers: How can someone who smokes weed be anything but peaceful?

Turner also compares Daniel's decision to join a karate school to buying a gun after picking a fight and losing.

Watch the video and decide for yourself: Who's the real bully in "The Karate Kid" and who's the hero?

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